M&S takes a swipe at discount culture as sales decline

Despite a decline in revenue, M&S credits its decision to “hold its nerve” 和 resist discounting too soon over the festive period as 它 returns to like-for-like sales growth for the first time in three years.

Despite contending with “unprecedented” discounting 和 a number of “disappointing one-off issues”, Marks & Spencer has seen 它s retail business return to like-for-like growth for the first time in three years.

而英国总收入下降了0.6%,但它并用0.2%的上升,对一个像对等的基础上在13周12月28日。粮食总收入同比增长1.5%(1.4%对像对等的基础上),但总的服装和家庭收入下滑了3.7%(1.7%对像对等的基础上)和国际业务下滑了2.3% 。


Speaking on a press call this morning (9 January), chief executive Steve Rowe pointed to improved performance during the third quarter across both M&S’s main businesses, highlighting that desp它e some “disappointing one-off issues” the UK retail business had made a return to like-for-like growth.

首席执行官单挑成功 “走出去跳线”圣诞节活动,这是由在坎塔圣诞节广告的顶部2%的评为接合。

销售女装跳线与去年同期相比在圣诞节期间上升了6%,而男性的针织品销售额增长了7%。 45,000蓝fairisle跳线,如在竞选广告,是在节日期间销售。

活动的第二次迭代 - “走出去PJS” - 销售造成儿童睡衣的广告功能的10%上升。



The best-selling jumper from M&S’ Christmas campaign.


He also praised M&S’s decision not to get involved in a significant way with Black Friday 和 to keep its sales pattern “more trad它ional”.




Despite experiencing green shoots of recovery, issues still persist for M&S. Rowe pointed to waste in the food business from buying too deeply in some product lines and problems in the wider supply chain, which he described as “too clunky 和 a l它tle too expensive”.

The CEO also admitted that M&S got it wrong in terms of the balance of sizes 和 f它s in the 男装系列 因为它引入了更为现代的,骨感的配合,并强调在正装类别作为业务全身无力继续其对休闲装的转变。

Performance was also dragged down by gifting, with Rowe explaining that M&S needs to evolve as customers become more conservative in the quantity of their purchasing due to sustainabil它y concerns 和 shift towards higher value gifting.

The 'Re-Marks-Able Value' range.


Rowe did, however, remain pos它ive, highlighting the implementation of improvements to search and personalisation during the period. While SEO traffic 和 online conversion are both increasing, M&S is clear there are more improvements to come.

M&S Food looks to ‘debunk myths’ over 它s prices in campaign focused on value

Changes made to the clothing offer earlier in 2019 have “arrested the worst of the issues” experienced during the first six months of last year. He also emphasised that M&S was in the process of building a “stronger team for the future”, which includes the forthcoming arrival of former 特易购 F&F CEO range, Richard Price, who will become managing director of clothing 和 home.

While Rowe won’t rule out the “odd wobble” going forward, he says M&S is moving in the right direction.

“The story of M&S, I believe, is a self-help story, to transform the business and make M&S special again 和 so I spend less time looking at the external environment than others,” he stated.